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Are silicone coated wiper blades any good?

The short answer is no, but we’ll explain in more detail below. We’ve been hearing quite a bit of noise around silicone-coated wiper blades recently, and we wanted to provide further information about the features, benefits and potential drawbacks of this type of wiper blade for your car (if you’re in Australia).

There is also quite a bit of hype in the market about Silicone coated wiper blades. The truth of the matter is, they are a bit of a gimmick.

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Silicon Wiper Blades Explained

Silicone wiper blades are essentially the same as natural rubber wiper replacement wiper blades, however instead of using a graphite or teflon-coated rubber, they are coated in silicone. The silicon coating means the wiper blades leave a coating of silicone on your vehicle’s windscreen thus increasing performance in wet weather.

The benefits of Silicone Wiper Blades

When silicone wiper blades are brand new they perform really well in light and heavy rain. The silicon repels water and allows your wiper blade to sweep across your windscreen smoothly. The silicone coating that is applied to your windscreen as the wiper blades functions promotes water beading and the water simply blows off your windscreen at high speeds.

Silicone wiper blades perform high speeds as the wind causes the rain water to simply bead off your windscreen as you drive and you don’t need to use your wiper blades on such a high setting.

This is where the claim of “longer lasting silicone wipers” comes from. Many retailers suggest that they last longer than natural wiper blades however that is only because you don’t have to use them as often on your vehicle. The actual silicon wiper blade will wear out faster than a natural rubber wiper.

The Downfall of Silicone Wiper Blades

Now we will touch on the negatives of silicone wiper blades and why this technology is not used on all wiper blades in market.

Silicone wiper blades are not durable

We know you’re probably wondering why silicone wiper blades are not as durable as natural rubber wiper blades. Well, some manufacturers claim silicone wiper blades will last twice as long as regular rubber wiper blades, however this is not actually due to the product or silicone rubber lasting longer, it is due to you not needing to use your wiper blades as much.

The actual silicon-coated rubber breaks down quite quickly and wears out. Your new silicone wiper blades will be squeaking and chattering in no time. This is why large manufacturers are yet to use silicone-coated wiper blades on the market, the technology simply isn’t durable enough to withstand most Australian conditions.

Silicone wiper blades deteriorate in hot climates

Silicone wiper blades do not last in hot climates and the material of the wiper blade will break down over time causing poor performance. Natural graphite or teflon-infused wiper blades are much more durable and can handle hot & cold climates better than silicone will.

Silicon wiper blades can cause a haze on your windshield

Another issue with silicon wiper blades is hazing. There are many documented cases online where car owners have been left with a haze on their windscreen from the silicon coating left by the wiper blades. Usually, this occurs when the blades are deteriorating and they leave a grimy haze on the windshield that has to be cleaned with a polish to be successfullt removed.

They are hard to find on the market

Due to the low demand for silicon replacement wiper blades, they are very difficult to find for sale in auto stores, online parts stores and from large wiper manufacturers. This is due to reliability issues, hazing issues and customers wanting natural rubber wiper blades over the silicone alternative.

Natural rubber wiper blades are a better choice

At Wipers Direct we stick with natural rubber wiper blades that are infused with graphite & PTFE for a smooth and smear-free wipe in all seasons. You’ll also find that most vehicle manufacturers these days only offer natural rubber wipers due to longevity and excellent performance over time which is the same wiper blades we offer to our customers.

If you have any further questions around silicone wiper blades, please feel free to reach out to customer support.

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Written by David Harris

David is a lover of all things automotive and has been working on or around cars for the past 15 years. As a wiper blade expert, David spends most of his time at Wipers Direct helping with testing, fitting and researching wiper blades.

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