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The Best Wiper Blades of 2024: An Updated Buyers Guide

Ok, here we are again, back for another blog post on the best wiper blades of 2024. This year, most of the wiper blade information was relatively the same as our 2023 guide. However, we saw some advancements in four wheel drive and off-road wiper blades, which we will discuss in this guide.

Again, finding wiper blades for your specific car, four wheel drive our truck can be a daunting and time consuming task. You might be asking yourself what wiper blades fit my car, how do I install them and where can I find them to order? Well, hopefully this guide will help you out.

For 2024, we have now sold over 28,000 individual wiper blades and we have wiper blade replacements for over 3,500 vehicles online. We’re a team of car enthusiasts with a plethora of experience in dealing with replacement wiper blades for your car, van or ute. We deal with wiper blades everyday and we’re across all the latest trends, products and variations. So, you’re in good hands with us. Plus, we also have more than 2,000 customer reviews.

Why Change Your Wiper Blades

You might be asking yourself if you actually need to change your old wipers. Unfortunately, Wiper Blades are often overlooked as part of your vehicle maintenance and you likely only remember when it is raining to change them due to squeaks, noise or poor vision. When you get home, or get some free time it is likely you forget to find some new wipers.

A wiper blades soul purpose is to remove water from your windscreen. Rain will affect your ability to see clearly in the wet in both Australian downpours and light drizzle. Thus, it is very important to change your wiper blades. Actually, they should be changed every 1-2 years depending on how much you use them, where you live and how much driving you do.

Another aspect if wiper blades is actually picking the right ones for your vehicle. Unfortunately, picking the wrong wiper blades will lead to excess streaks, loud noise and poor visibility (not what you want in the wet with a car full of your friends and family).

Below you will find out about the best wiper blades of 2024 and we’ll try to cover everything from what wiper blades are, how to pick the right ones, what rubber is the best, how to install them and why you should choose the best wiper blades for the job. Let’s get started.

What are windscreen wipers?

Windscreen wiper blades are on both the front and rear of your vehicle and they work on your windscreen by a motor. The motor moves the wiper blades left to right pushing excess water away from your windscreen during rain.

Windscreen wiper blades are essential for modern vehicles and are made from a strip of rubber attached to a metal frame. The metal frame (traditional blade) is attached to a wiper arm and then a wiper motor.

Overall the structure of wiper blades are much the same for both front and rear wiper bldes on any vehicle. Even planes have wiper blades and they work in much the same way. Wiper blades are a legal road requirement for all new vehicles, pretty much all around the world but specifically in Australia.

Usually, a car will have two wiper blades on the front and a single wiper on the rear. Some vehicles actually have two on the rear (like a VW Transporter Van). A small portion of cars have a single wiper on the front (Mercedes Benz W210 E-Class Sedan) and others have three wipers on the front (Toyota FJ Cruiser).

Wiper blades come in many different lengths, with different sizes and types depending on the vehicle manufacturer, make and model of the car. Each wiper blade arm will have a specific connector or “Adapter” that will be used to join the replaceable wiper blade to the wiper arm. These wiper adapters vary depending on the vehicle make & model and sometimes country.

Windscreen wiper blades explained.

Should I replace my wiper arm?

In 99% of cases your current wiper arm will not require replacement. We sometimes have customers asking for replacement wiper arms but that is usually if the customers wiper arm has become damaged during an accident or is just old and tired and they are opting for a replacement. If you need a replacement wiper arm. We recommend contacting your local car dealer or spare parts store, as we do not stock these.

Do Wiper Blades need changing or replacement?

Yes they do, windscreen wiper blades have a lifecycle and after 1-2 years, usually they require replacement. Our blades are designed to be replaced every 1-2 years but some lower quality wiper blades might need changing every 3-6 months. This can also depend on your location, how much you drive and if your car is driven in the snow.

Windscreen wiper blades are made from a rubber compound, which will like anything that is rubbing and exposed to the elements, wear out as time goes on.

Macro factors like acid rain, dust, debris and UV from the sun can cause wiper blades to deteriorate over time. We’ll touch on the classic signs your wipers need replacing below. If you need to know more, a few months ago we wrote a blog on why you should replace your wiper blades and how long they last.

How will I know my wiper blades are due for replacement?

There are many signs that your wiper blades are due for replacement. You will see or hear some of the following signs of worn out wipers:

  • Squeaking or screeching on the windscreen
  • Knocking or clicking noises
  • Smearing of water across the windscreen
  • Poor visibility
  • Missed spots

Now you should actually change your wiper blades before they get to this point as you don’t want to be stuck in a rain-storm with underperforming wiper blades. Downpours are so frequent in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, it is better to be safe than sorry.

While wiper blades will wear differently on each vehicle make and model, generally the warning signs are all the same. Sometimes poor-quality wipers will wear out faster than those produced by better-quality brands.

How to tell if your wiper blades need to be replaced.

We will now touch on all the different types or styles of replacement wiper blades. This is where it gets a little confusing. Also, if you have any questions about wiper blades or finding the right wipers for your vehicle, you can reach out to our support team.

Different Types & Styles of Wiper Blades

In the world of replacement wiper blades in 2024, there are a few different styles or types of wiper blades that we will cover.

Firstly, we will start with the traditional wiper blade. This is the oldest style of wiper blade and has been used on cars for many years. I’m sure growing up, we saw our parents car with the same style of wiper blades. These are identified by the metal frame that is often dry looking or faded. They have a rubber strip joined to a metal frame that applies pressure on the wiper rubber to the windscreen of your car. Some new vehicles actually still use this type of blade. The good thing about this style of blade is you can actually upgrade to the Beam or Flat style blades, which we’ll cover below.

A newer style of blade or the evolution of the traditional wiper blade is the Hybrid wiper blade. This blade is commonly used on Japanese vehicles like Honda or Toyota and is essentially a traditional wiper blade that has been covered with a protective plastic cover. The cover improves the look of the wiper blade and also slightly improves the performance. They usually feature a natural rubber or silicone wiper blade. This style is good, however due to the size and weight of these wipers they can put pressure on your wiper motor, so they aren’t suitable for all vehicles.

In 2024 we’re still seeing the latest wiper blade being the Beam or Flat style wiper blade. These wiper blades are the newest style and feature the latest technology in the replacement windscreen wiper world. They are usually aerodynamic blades and they feature a hidden memory forged steel spline inside which applies pressure to the windscreen. They are usually used on most modern vehicles that aren’t using the Hybrid blade. This blade arguably looks the best and has been widely adopted by auto manufacturers around the world.

A new addition in 2023/2024 is the introduction of off-road wiper blades. These are wiper blades that have been marketed as “off-road” or “4×4” tough. We’ll touch on these wiper blades a bit further down.

Traditional metal wiper blades explained

As mentioned above, the traditional metal wiper blade is made up of a metal frame. The metal frame has pressure points and will apply pressure to your windscreen. Due to the design of this style of wiper blade, they struggle a bit to apply consistent pressure to your windscreen, especially at higher speeds due to the poor aerodynamics.

One of the benefits of this style of wiper blades is you can upgrade this style of wiper to a newer Beam or Flat wiper blade with us. This makes your vehicle look newer and gives you much better performance in the wet. If you ever want to go back to your old traditional metal wipers, you can simply clip the old ones back on.

An overview of a traditional metal wiper blade.

Benefits of traditional metal wiper blades

Traditional wiper blades are very affordable and you can actually just replace the little rubber in insert. You can buy these inserts at auto parts stores, but you will need to spend time cutting the rubber and feeding it into the blade. We think it is much easier to just upgrade to Beam or Flat wiper blades.

The frame on the traditional wiper blade is often rusted out after a few years, so will also likely need to be replaced (depending on use). We usually see them requiring replacement every 3-6 years (the frame that is).

Hybrid windscreen wiper blades explained

The Hybrid wiper blade is an evolution of the traditional blade (see above) and has been around since the early 2000’s and as an alternative to a Traditional or Beam wiper blade.

The Hybrid blade is made up of a hidden or enclosed metal frame like traditional wipers with an aerodynamic plastic cover on top which helps to improve performance. They are called Hybrid wiper blades as they are traditional blades that have basically been updated with an aerodynamic spoiler to improve performance and design.

Quite a few Japanese, Korean and Chinese vehicles use the hybrid style wiper blade from factory like Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi just to name a few makes. As mentioned above, be sure to not fit a Hybrid blade to a vehicle that didn’t come with Hybrid wipers from factory as they can be heavy and put stress on the wiper motor.

They are not actually fitted to many Euro vehicles (we’ve seen them on the 2014-2020 F16 BMW X6). Most modern Euro vehicles like BMW and Mercedes and Audi use the Beam or Flat wiper blades which we’ll talk about shortly.

Hybrid wiper blades exploded diagram.

Benefits of Hybrid wiper blades

There are a few benefits to Hybrid replacement wiper blades in 2024. This specific style of wiper blade actually performs really well in super cold climates where they’ll be exposed to snow and ice. The metal frame construction of the Hybrid wiper blade is well equipped to work in snowy conditions. They are most beneficial in colder climates.

Hybrid wiper blades also appear much nicer to look at than Traditional wiper blades and they do have enhanced aerodynamics when compared to the Traditional windscreen wiper.

They do not look as nice as Beam or Flat wiper blades which we will discuss shortly.

Another benefit is performance on longer vehicles. We find the Hybrid blade works really well in longer sizes (30” and above) due to their construction and metal frame backbone.

They are a tough choice of wiper blade and are very strong due to their metal frame design and plastic spoiler.

Next, we will touch on the Beam or Flat wiper blade style.

Beam or flat wiper blades explained

These are the wiper blades you’ll want on your care. The Beam or Flat wiper blade is an evolution in wiper technology and have been around from the early 2000’s. They’re a standard on most modern vehicles now and the structure of the wiper blade has changed quite substantially from the older Hybrid or Traditional wiper blade styles.

These blades now feature a long aerodynamic spoiler which helps the wipers perform at high speeds and also protects the internals of the blade from water, weather and rusting.

Also on the outside of the blade is a new style connector which is more slim and now has a range of different adapters or connectors. You don’t find many different adapters on the Traditional or Hybrid style of wiper blade.

Inside the Beam or Flat wiper blade, you will usually find a single or double piece of high tensile heat formed metal which acts as the backbone of the wiper blade, providing consistent, even pressure.

Beam or Flat Aero wiper blades explained.

Benefits of Beam or Flat wiper blades

Let’s not beat around the bush, the Beam or Flat wiper blade is far superior to the Traditional wiper blade in both design and overall performance. The

In 2024, the streamlined design of the casing and the internal spine ensures a streak-free wipe even at high speeds. Beam wiper blades are low-noise blades and do not whistle or whine like Traditional wiper blades.

Beam or Flat wiper blades are generally more durable than traditional blades and are rust or corrosion-resistant as the metal parts of the wiper blades are protected by the aerodynamic casing. Moreover, the internal beam is sometimes made from stainless and anti-rust.

Wiper blade compatibility is also excellent on the Beam or Flat windscreen wiper blases as they can be retrofitted to almost all vehicles both old and new.

These wiper blades also look much newer than the older style blades and can improve the look of your vehicle.

Beam wiper blades are much easier to maintain and clean on your vehicle as you can easily wipe them down with a clean damp cloth.

The only thing to note about Beam or Flat wiper blades, is you don’t just replace the rubber when you replace your wiper blades, you actually replace the whole blade.

Off-road or Four Wheel Drive wiper blades explained

We’re seeing a new wiper blade style in the market in 2024. Some companies are marketing an Off-road or Four Wheel Drive wiper blade. We’ve conducted some research into this style of blades and essentially, they’re just a Flat or Beam wiper blade (discussed above) with a more durable style of cover.

Off road or four wheel drive wiper blades explained.

The cover on the outside of the blade often has a rugged look about it or a pattern like a tyre or wheel but the internals are usually the same as a Flat or Beam blade.

These wiper blades are often always more expensive than a standard Flat or Beam wiper blade so we don’t really believe they’re worth the additional price.

The rubber and connector are usually the same and all the features remain of the other Flat or Beam style blades. However, if you like the look of them, and can justify the additional price go ahead. This seems to be the common consensus online when looking at reviews for Off-road or Four Wheel Drive wiper blades.

The worst wiper blades for off-roading are actually the Traditional Wiper Blades as the frames can bend and twist as they brush up against shrubs, sticks and branches during an off-road session.

We will now touch on the different rubber compounds of wiper blades.

Silicone vs Natural Rubber Wiper Blades

Another aspect of wiper blades is the material used in constructing the wiper blade. Currently, there are three primary types of windscreen wiper blades: natural rubber, graphite-infused natural rubber, and silicone-coated rubber. We haven’t seen any new types of rubber enter the market in 2024.

Natural rubber wiper blades are very soft and provide an exceptional clean on your windscreen. You’ll typically find natural rubber on older vehicles, as this technology was the predecessor to graphite infused natural rubber wiper blades. However, natural rubber wiper blades are less durable under the harsh Australian sun compared to their graphite infused counterparts.

The next type of rubber is a rubber compound that has been either coated or infused with graphite. Graphite-infused natural rubber wiper blades are made from natural rubber and are enhanced with graphite to increase their protection, durability, and performance. Most modern vehicles come factory-equipped with graphite-infused natural rubber wiper blades.

Teflon coated replacement wiper blades vs silicone wiper blades.

There are also Teflon® wiper blades which are natural rubber wiper blades that have been coated with a Teflon® coating, helping the wiper blades to be more efficient and provide a much quieter wipe. Moreover, these blades are also more durable and longer lasting.

There is a common misconception in the automotive industry that silicon wiper blades are superior. Our research into this technology has shown that while they may perform well in some climates, they are not ideal for Australia. Silicon wiper blades are essentially rubber blades that have been coated or embedded with a silicone compound, but this silicone layer wears off quickly in the Australian climate, leading to squeaks and missed spots on your windscreen after a short period. You may also be left with a silicone film on the windscreen of your vehicle as they start to wear out.

Most manufacturers in Australia opt not to use silicone wiper blades, preferring to stick with graphite-infused wiper blades for most vehicles.

All of our Wipers Direct blades are natural rubber wiper blades infused with Teflon®, designed to deliver a silent and streak free wipe on your vehicle. We’ve also written a comparison of silicon versus rubber wiper blades, which you can find here.

Important Features of Wiper Blades

When you’re searching for a fresh set of wiper blades for your car. You ideally want to find a set of wiper blades that offer the below features to get the best out of your wipers:

  • Aerodynamic High-Performance Beam Spoiler – Helps reduce wind lift and improves performance at high speeds.
  • Solid Base Mount – This mount prevents rolling or twisting of the wiper blade during use.
  • Exact Fit Connectors / Adapters – These will ensure that your wiper blades are mounted correctly to the wiper arm on your vehicle. They also make it easier to install.
  • Carbon Steel Splines – Delivers a consistent pressure on the windscreen of your car.
  • Teflon® Coated Natural Rubber – Streak and noise-free wiper blades with extended durability.

You should also look for wiper blades that come with a guarantee, long warranty and are backed by a reputable supplier that understands wiper blade technology. As a general rule, you should seek the above features when ordering replacement wiper blades for your vehicle and avoid ‘multi-fit’ wiper blades, which we will discuss shortly.

Furthermore, while some wiper blades are branded with a logo, many customers prefer them to be unbranded so they match the original look of the vehicle. Our wiper blades have a small blind logo on the edge of the blade. It is subtle brand-mark ensuring they blend seamlessly with the original aesthetics of most vehicle makes and models.

How to Select the Correct Wiper Blades for Your Car

Over the past year, similar to last year, choosing the correct wiper blades for your car has traditionally been challenging. In the past, you might have struggled to pick and select the correct wiper blades from an auto parts store, especially if they needed to stock wipers for more exotic European or Japanese vehicles. The launch of Wipers Direct has simplified and streamlined the process of ordering the right wiper blades for your vehicle.

When selecting the right wiper blades, you need to consider the following:

  • The length of the wiper blade for the driver, passenger, or rear wiper.
  • The connector type of the wiper blade and how it will fit on your car.
  • The type of wiper blade and whether you are satisfied with its look and performance.
  • The rubber material used and whether it suits your local environment and driving habits.
  • The installation process for the replacement wiper blades on your car.
  • Whether the wiper blades come with a warranty or any perfect fit guarantee.
  • If the wiper blade has inbuilt washer fluid jets or washer fluid heating.

You should also be extremely wary of ‘multi-fit’ wiper blades, which are generic wipers that come with a plethora of different adapters/connectors that you can manually attach yourself. While these blades are good for a quick fix if you need something urgently. These blades typically do not perform as well as “exact-fit” blades and can be very difficult to install, as you need to spend time finding and attaching the correct adapter. Furthermore, the connectors on these wipers are often flexible and do not last due to excessive movement. In addition to above ‘multi-fit’ wiper blades do not look that great on your vehicle and often come with bulky adapters that connect to your windscreen wiper arm. You can read more about ‘multi-fit’ wipers in our detailed article.

With Wipers Direct, choosing the correct wiper blades is no longer a daunting task. Simply enter your vehicle make and model online, and our team of wiper experts will handle the rest. They have selected the exact wiper blades that fit your vehicle and will send you premium quality high-performance replacement wipers at a fraction of most dealership costs. Our wiper blades are incredibly easy to install, with most being able to be fitted at home in under 30 seconds using our video guides. Moreover, our wiper blades come with a Perfect Fit Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty and a 90 Day Test Drive. Ordering replacement wiper blades for your car has never been easier.

Where to Buy Replacement Wiper Blades

Wiper blades can be ordered from a variety of stores in Australia. Most commonly, customers will go directly to their local car mechanic or dealer who will most likely add a premium to the price to source and install them for you. For some people this is fine and they are happy to have them installed on their car.

Where to buy replacement wiper blades from.

Other Aussies will go to the auto part stores and spend time picking out the right length, connector, rubber and wiper blade type (which can take a while) and install them at home themselves without instructional guides or tips. This process can take well over an hour, once you’ve driven to the store, selected the blades and installed yourself.

A new generation of Australian’s are ordering their wiper blades online from businesses like Wipers Direct (the smarties) and are enjoying a stress-free experience with our Perfect Fit Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty and 90 Day Test Drive that applies to all wiper blades.

Why You Should Choose the Best Wiper Blades

Your safety is most important when behind the wheel. The ideal wiper blades are long-lasting, high-performance ones that provide a smooth and silent wipe on your windscreen as we’ve outlined above.

Investing in top quality wiper blades ensures your windscreen remains clean and streak free, enhancing your visibility and making driving safer and more comfortable. Essentially, you need reliable wiper blades that perform well in all weather conditions.

For some context, we’ve now sold over 28,000 wiper blades to customers across Australia. Our wiper blades are equipped on a range of vehicles including BYD, Cupra, Ford, Haval, Holden, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, Skoda, Tesla, Toyota, VW and more nationwide. Our customers highly rate our wiper blades, and we are confident in offering you the best options available. Our customer reviews clearly show our quality, service and support:

  • Fast and free wiper delivery after ordering online.
  • Ease of installation, supported by our video wiper instruction guides
  • Prompt after sales support and quick resolution of any issues
  • High quality wiper blades that are straightforward to install
  • Silent and smooth operation of replacement wiper blades
  • Exact fit connectors that simplify the installation process

The Best Wiper Blades of 2024

To update this blog post in 2024, we had to take another look at the competition. After an extensive review, we still believe that the best wiper blades of 2024 are Exact Fit High Performance Aerodynamic Beam wiper blades fitted with a Teflon® Infused Natural Rubber. These wiper blades are designed to provide a smooth, streak free even sweep, and are made from durable materials that are resistant to fading and cracking which are common under the Australian sun.

However, it is important to note that some Australians will prefer the traditional or hybrid wiper blades, which is fine too. Wipers Direct will select the correct wiper blade type, length and connector for your vehicle and deliver them directly to your door if you order from us.

Best Features of Wipers Direct Replacement Wiper Blades

Here at Wipers Direct, you’ll find high-performance replacement wiper blades at a great value. We stock replacements for over 3,000 vehicle models and have committed to providing the best wiper blades for the Australian market.

Wipers Direct High Performance Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

Our wiper blades feature:

Exact Fit Connectors: Say goodbye to ugly and unreliable “multi-fit” adapters. Our wipers come pre-sized and with the correct “exact-fit” connector for your vehicle.

High-Performance Aerodynamic Spoiler: These wiper blades include an aerodynamic lip that delivers even and consistent pressure across your windscreen at high speeds.

Dual Carbon Steel Memory Splines: A robust backbone of memory steel ensures equal pressure across the windscreen in both forward and backward strokes.

Teflon® Coated Natural Rubber: A blend of natural rubber and Teflon® makes your wiper blades completely silent and long lasting.

All-Season Performance & Durability: Our wiper blades are tried and tested to deliver exceptional all-season performance and have been tested for the Aussie climate.

The Wipers Direct replacement wiper blades are designed to provide a smooth, uniform sweep and are made from materials that resist fading and cracking.

Additionally, Wipers Direct replacement wiper blades come with a Perfect Fit Guarantee, and 90 Day Test Drive. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your wiper blades, simply contact Wipers Direct for a refund or replacement set. Moreover, you can test out our wiper blades for up to 90 days, if you don’t like them, send them back for a full refund – no questions asked. Lastly, our 1-Year Warranty on all wiper blades has been popular with our customers. If you encounter any issues within the first year, contact us for a replacement set or refund.

Choose Wipers Direct for dependable, quality wiper blades that ensure clear visibility and safe driving, no matter the weather.

How to Care for Your New Wiper Blades

Lastly, once you have your new set of replacement wiper blades, you’ll want to make them last for as long as possible. Here are some expert approved recommended tips for caring for your wiper blades:

Keep them clean: If your wipers are leaving streaks or becoming noisy, we recommend cleaning your wiper blades regularly. Lift the wiper blade and gently wipe the edge with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime. This is especially important in Australia, where dusty roads and post-storm debris can accumulate on the blades.

Keep your windscreen clean: Most noises and vibrations on wiper blades that are just a few months old come from a dirty windscreen. Although your windscreen might look clean, it might have small embedded dirt, dust or debris. We recommend you give your windscreen a good clean with some window cleaner. In some cases, we recommend you give your windscreen a polish using some mild car polish and a clean cloth.

Use the correct washer fluid: Instead of using plain water or dishwashing soap in your car’s washer fluid bottle, opt for a specifically designed washer fluid. Some detergents can dry out the rubber or silicone, so it’s important to use a high-quality solution like Rain-X or Mannol to ensure prolonged performance.

Avoid parking in direct sunlight: Although it’s not always possible, try to avoid parking in direct sunlight for extended periods, as this can deteriorate your wiper blades. Parking in the shade can help extend their life, but avoid parking under trees that may drop sap, dust, and debris.

Don’t wipe dry: Never use your windscreen wipers on a dry windscreen. Always spray some water on your windscreen first before using the wiper blades. While some cars automatically spray water before wiping, in older vehicles, you might need to activate the spray separately to moisten the windscreen beforehand.

Replace noisy or inefficient blades: If your wiper blades start squeaking or missing spots on your windscreen after trying the above tips, it may be time to replace them with a new pair.

For more detailed information on wiper blade care, you can visit our website and read further. Taking good care of your wiper blades not only extends their life but also ensures clear visibility for safer driving.

Choosing the right wiper blades for your car is very important for your safety and wallet. The wrong ones can cause streaking, noise, and reduce visibility, turning driving into an expensive hassle.

Today, we explored the best wiper blades of 2024. We discussed everything from the basics of what wiper blades are, how to change them, the different types available, how to select the right ones for your vehicle, and the importance of opting for high-quality blades. We’ve also touched on some new products to the market in 2024 and the features and benefits of these.

So, that’s a wrap on the best wiper blades of 2024. Now that you know what to look for in a wiper blade, you can make an informed choice when it’s time to replace them on your car, van or truck.

If you have any questions or need further information about wiper blades, feel free to contact one of our friendly Wiper Experts at Wipers Direct. They’re ready to help you with any questions you might have.

Written by David Harris

David is a lover of all things automotive and has been working on or around cars for the past 15 years. As a wiper blade expert, David spends most of his time at Wipers Direct helping with testing, fitting and researching wiper blades.

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