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Why should I replace my wipers?

We are often asked why it is important to replace windscreen wipers on your car. We have decided to put together a short post on this to explain why it is important to replace your car windscreen wipers and if you want to learn more about windscreen wipers, you can read our guide on the best wiper blades of 2023.


One of the most important reasons to change your windscreen wipers is your safety. Wipers are designed to clear water, dirt and dust from your windscreen. By not replacing your windscreen wipers, you are putting your family and your own life at risk. In the event of a rainstorm or night driving in the wet, your visibility is decreased if you are not using quality wiper blades. By replacing your windscreen wiper blades when due, you are reducing your risk of a potential accident.

It is also recommended you keep your windscreen washer fluid level topped up and add a gentle soap additive. This will ensure you can effectively clear dust and dirt away from your windscreen if needed by squirting your washer fluid. You should check this once a month to ensure your level is nice and high.


When windscreen wipers are getting towards end of life, they will squeak, shutter and vibrate on your windscreen creating an uncomfortable driving experience. Simply turning up your music is not a fix for this! We recommend you replace your windscreen wipers once you start seeing streaks and lines after each wipe. You’ll enjoy a much more comfortable drive with your Wipers Direct replacement windscreen wipers.


As wiper blades start to wear, they can actually damage your front windscreen glass. After a worn wiper blade wipes, micro scratches and pitting can form on your windscreen glass. If your wipers are left on for too long, you can actually damage your glass to a point that will require replacement. This is an expensive exercise that can easily be avoided by replacing your wipers when needed.

Moreover, in states like Victoria, the windscreen glass is checked before obtaining a vehicle Roadworthy Certificate, if your glass is scratched or chipped, it will need replacing before this certificate can be issued.

Resale Value

Replacing your windscreen wipers can help protect your cars resale value. Fresh wipers show a potential buyer that a car has been well looked after. When shopping for a used car, it is also good to see that the vehicle is fitted with the original front windshield glass, therefore we suggest you keep up with regular windscreen wiper replacements.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the reasons why windscreen wipers need replacing. If you are looking for quality windscreen wipers that are quick and easy to replace, you can check out our store here.

Written by David Harris

David is a lover of all things automotive and has been working on or around cars for the past 15 years. As a wiper blade expert, David spends most of his time at Wipers Direct helping with testing, fitting and researching wiper blades.

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